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Fleetdynamics offers solutions to cater to all clients – from the humble home office user with one vehicle to manage; through to the large corporate body needi ng a custom integrated solution for their fleet management services. Using our online portal, all of our clients can see the exact location of all their tracked vehicle at any hour of any day; without the hassle of download and install cumbersome software onto a PC

Accord sources products that will best meet the specifications of our client and with reasonable prices. We offer alternative products whenever we can to let our customer make an informed choice between makes, origins, delivery periods and costs.
We have the experience and know how to respond to customer requests quickly and effectively to get you what you want when you want it.
Provide courteous, expedient, and knowledgeable customer service Reduce the cost of the procurement process
Accord Technologies supplies such a broad scope of products, we allow our customers to consolidate purchases with us instead of expending extra time and energy dealing with multiple single discipline distributors.
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