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This datasheet has been updated to reflect hardware wersion V2.1firmware s2.2 for the CFA633TMIKS Lcd module;
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CFA633TMIKS Disclaimer

• 16 characters x 2-lines LCD with keypad and high-level interface. The display will fit nicely in a 1U
rack mount case (35 mm overall height).
• A single 5v supply is needed for micro-controller, backlight, and LCD. Supplying the optional 12v
will allow control of 4 fans.
• Four fan connectors with RPM monitoring and variable fan power control (PWM).
• A fail-safe fan power setting allows safe host fan control based on temperature.
• “Live Display” shows up to eight temperature or fan readings without host intervention, allowing fan RPMs and temperatures to be shown immediately at boot, even before the host operating system is loaded.
• Adjustable, long-life backlights are driven from the 5v supply at constant current. Their brightness is independent of power supply variations.
• Bidirectional “full-duplex” 19200 / 115200 baud ESD-protected RS-232 interface (-KS versions).
• Robust packet based communications protocol with 16-bit CRC.
• Module has a 6 o’clock viewing direction
• Integrated, LED-backlit, 6-button translucent silicon keypad has four directional arrows, Enter, and Cancel.
• Edge-lit white LED backlight with negative STN blue transmissive mode LCD. Display shows light characters on a deep blue background.
• The display can be read in normal office lighting and in dark areas. May be difficult to read in direct sunlight.
• Nonvolatile memory capability (EEPROM): Set the “power on” display screen, plus 16-bytes for storing IP, netmask, system serial number, or other data.


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