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Infineon’s Aurix MCU integrated with Apex.AI SDK

The  AURIX TC3x is an embedded safety controller with  ASIL D certification according to the 2018 ISO 26262 standard – the highest level of automotive functional safety. Infineon’s Aurix MCU integrated with Apex.AI SDK

Leading computing platforms for automated driving rely on the microcontroller as their safety host controller as it provides the safety and performance necessary for ADAS.

Apex.Grace, formerly known as Apex.OS, is the first complete SDK for software-defined vehicles (SDV) certified to ISO 262626 ASIL D.

Apex.Grace develops application software for software-defined vehicles.

Apex.Ida, previously known as Apex.Middleware, provides a complete and integrated solution for intra- and inter-electronic control unit (ECU) communication and communication to the cloud.

The two companies demonstrate that the development and integration of embedded safety-critical automotive applications can be significantly accelerated.

Apex.Grace is based on the open-source robot operating system (ROS). While ROS is the industry’s de facto development standard for prototyping for robotics and mobility applications, it does not meet safety and reliability requirements for automotive systems and other safety-critical applications, creating a hurdle for manufacturers.

Apex.Grace enables the transition from ROS-based prototypes to production-ready vehicles and is certified by TÜV Nord to ASIL D.

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