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Introducing Advanced Energy’s New AC/DC Onboard Converters: Simplified Operation and Reliable Performance

Advanced Energy, a global leader in highly engineered power conversion, measurement, and control solutions (NASDAQ: AEIS), has introduced a new AC/DC converter under its Artesyn brand, further expanding AE’s influence in the industrial, robotics, and 5G telecommunications markets. This innovative converter, known as AIF42, reduces system size, achieves best-in-class conversion efficiency of up to 93%, and enhances reliability by minimizing the need for external components.



The AIF42 full-brick module offers a rated continuous power of 500W and integrates multiple functions, making it user-friendly for rapid application design and deployment. It features proprietary internal surge current limiting, eliminating the need for external components required for surge current protection. This space-saving design not only reduces system costs but also improves overall reliability. Additionally, the module includes a 10V auxiliary output for direct power supply to low-power auxiliary circuits, eliminating the need for an additional AC/DC power converter.

“This new module power supply from Advanced Energy is designed for high-performance and reliable operation in harsh environments,” said Joe Voyles, Vice President of Marketing for Advanced Energy’s Industrial Power Conversion Products. “The AIF42 sets a new industry standard for efficiency, simplifies and accelerates application design, and minimizes total material costs by providing application-focused built-in features.”

The converter exhibits high operational efficiency across a wide load range, resulting in reduced energy consumption and minimized heat dissipation. The module design has been optimized for applications and systems requiring thermal bonding and contact cooling with cold walls or heat sinks, especially in highly contaminated environments. It can provide 100% usable output power even at a baseplate temperature of up to 100ºC.

PMBus™ control and monitoring enable designers to optimize power supply operation based on specific application requirements. This connectivity also allows obtaining power and system health information during in-field operations.