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Nanochip launches isolated CAN transceivers to improve the integration and reliability of industrial systems

May 21, 2020-Suzhou Nanochip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nanochip Microelectronics”), a leading domestic provider of signal chain chips and solutions, announced the launch of the isolated CAN transceiver NSi1050, continuing to expand the company’s rich isolation product line to meet the diverse needs of customers for isolation products. The chip integrates dual-channel digital isolators and high-reliability CAN transceivers. The high-integration solution helps simplify system design and improve the reliability of industrial systems. NSi1050 has high isolation and withstand voltage, meets the requirements of reinforced isolation, and meets the safety requirements of various industrial systems. It can be widely used in industrial automation, elevators, electric power, uninterruptible power supplies, energy storage and other industrial interface cards that require isolation of CAN in industrial communication systems.

NSi1050 has the characteristics of high isolation withstand voltage, high common mode immunity, high ESD, high integration and high reliability. The transfer rate is up to 1Mbps. Compared with the discrete solution of traditional CAN receiver plus optocoupler, NSi1050 has a higher integration level, which can help designers save PCB layout area. Based on the innovative “Adaptive OOK” capacitive isolation technology, NSi1050 achieves lower radiated noise and higher anti-jamming performance.

NSi1050 performance characteristics:

  • lComply with ISO11898-2 standard

  • lIsolation withstand voltage up to 5kVrms

  • l80KV/us immunity to common mode transient interference

  • lTransmission rate up to 1Mbps

  • lChip-level ESD: HBM ±8kV

  • lLogic test power supply range: 2.5V ~ 5.5V

  • lCAN bus power supply range: 4.5V ~ 5.5V

  • lBus protection voltage: -40V ~ +40V

  • lTXD dominant timeout protection function

  • l Current and temperature protection mechanism

  • l Operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃

NSi1050 is available in WB SOIC-16 and DUB-8 packages, and is fully compatible with ISO11898-2 technical standards. It can be widely used in various communication systems that require isolation of CAN, such as frequency conversion, servo, PLC and other industrial automation scenarios. Inverter, car board, internal and external call board and other modules, distribution network automation terminal xTU, charging pile and other power systems, as well as uninterruptible power supply, energy storage and other industrial interface card applications.

NSi1050 functional block diagram

Nanochip is committed to technological breakthroughs and application innovation, and will launch a series of isolation products including isolated ADC, isolated current op amp, isolated voltage op amp, etc., to provide customers with a richer product portfolio and solutions, so stay tuned.

 Sample application and product consultation:

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