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Mitsubishi Electric has started offering SiC-MOSFET modules with integrated SBD.

Mitsubishi Electric announced that it will begin offering samples of a new SiC-MOSFET module with integrated SBD starting on May 31. This half-bridge module has a rated voltage of 3.3kV and an insulation withstand voltage of 6.0kVrms. It will contribute to providing higher power density, higher efficiency, and reliability for railway, power system, and large-scale industrial inverter systems. The product is being showcased at PCIM Europe 2023 (May 9-11, Nuremberg, Germany).

In recent years, power semiconductor devices have been increasingly used in high-efficiency power conversion applications to reduce global carbon emissions, particularly in heavy industries where these devices are employed in inverter equipment such as traction systems for railroads and DC transmission systems. SiC power semiconductors, in particular, offer significant power loss reduction and are highly anticipated. Furthermore, the demand for high-efficiency power semiconductor modules continues to increase in large-scale industrial equipment to further improve their conversion efficiency.

To contribute to high-power output, high efficiency, and high reliability in large-scale industrial inverter equipment, Mitsubishi Electric has developed this SiC MOSFET module, which utilizes SiC MOSFET chips with integrated SBD and an optimized internal package structure to effectively reduce switching losses. The company will soon begin offering samples. With the addition of this module, Mitsubishi Electric’s 3.3kV LV100 package lineup now includes four SiC MOSFET modules and two Si IGBT modules.

Product Features:

  • SiC-MOSFET with integrated SBD to reduce power losses and enhance inverter output power, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Compared to the company’s existing silicon power modules, the module with integrated SBD and optimized package structure reduces switching losses by 91%*4, and compared to existing all-SiC power modules, it reduces switching losses by 66%*5, thereby reducing inverter power losses and improving output power and efficiency.
  • The integration of SBD in the SiC MOSFET and optimized current capacity improves inverter reliability.
  • Optimized terminal layout suitable for inverters of different capacity sizes.
  • Optimized terminal layout facilitates parallel connection, allowing for flexible power configuration of the inverter by parallelizing different quantities.
  • Enclosure design with DC and AC main terminals positioned at both ends to simplify circuit design.

Key Specifications:

This product is classified under Item 2(41)3 of Appendix 1 of the Export Trade Control Order.

*1: Schottky Barrier Diode

*2: Silicon Carbide

*3: Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor

*4: 3.3kV/600A Silicon Power Module (CM600DA-66X)

*5: 3.3kV/750A All-SiC Power Module (FMF750DC-66A)