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#Fuji, #1D600A_030, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, 1D600A-030 600A/300V/GTR/1U; 1D600A-030
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Sell 1D600A-030, #Fuji #1D600A-030 New Stock, 1D600A-030 600A/300V/GTR/1U; 1D600A-030, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #1D600A_030

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1D600A-030 Description

 It is a non insulated type darlington power module from Fuji Electric which features high current & high DC current gain. Its rating is 600A / 300V / GTR 1U and it weighs 4.41 lbs. It has superior characteristics combining the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSEFT with the high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities of a bipolar transistor.The target applications for 1D600A-030 are Uninterruptible Power Supplies, DC Motor Controls, Welding Machines and other high speed switching applications. We accept major credit cards and bank transfer. We offer 90 days warranty for this device. We ship worldwide and technical Support can be provided as needed. We are doing our best to ship the part the same day. We might need 2-3 days of lead time though.
1D600A-030 Features:
Achieves smaller packaging and enhanced output power!
• Utilizes high-performance, low-loss 6th generation “V Series” IGBT and FWD
• Tj max 175°C, continuous operation guaranteed at 150°C
Environmentally friendly module
• Prepared various mounting methods including solderless attachment
• RoHS compliant (with some exclusions)
Turn-on characteristics
• Improvement of trade-off between noise and loss
• Suppression of noise and vibration via dv/dt, dic/dt reductions

  1D600A-030  4.41 lbs Target_Applications 1D600A-030 could be used in High Power Switching Uninterruptible Power Supply DC Motor Controls Welding Machines Features High current High DC Current Gain Non Insulated Type  

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