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Mitsubishi PM52AUBZ080 New IGBT Module

# Mitsubishi , #PM52AUBZ080, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, Mitsubishi Intellimod Module Active Filter IPM 20 Amperes / 800 Volts
  • Category: IGBT Module
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Package Type: IGBT
  • Date Code: 2022+
  • Available Qty: 267

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PM52AUBZ080 Description

Sell PM52AUBZ080, # Mitsubishi #PM52AUBZ080 New Stock, Mitsubishi Intellimod Module Active Filter IPM 20 Amperes / 800 Volts, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #PM52AUBZ080
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Mitsubishi Intellimod(tm) Intelligent power Modules are isolated base modules designed for power switching applications operating at frequencies to 20KHz. The New Active Filter Intelligent Power Module(AFIPM) includes protec-tion circuitry for the IGBT .
. Variable DC Output Voltage Control Function
. Soft start Function
. Protection Logic 
- Output Voltage Repression
- Output Over Boltage
- Under Voltage Lockout 
- Over Temperature
- Short Circuit Current

. Front End for Pulse Amplitude Modulation(PAM) Motor Control
. PFC(Power Factor Correction)

Absolute Maximum Ratings, Tj=25°C unless otherwise specified
Junction Temperature Tj -20 to +125°C
Storage Temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Case Operating Temperature TC -20 to 100°C
Mounting Torque M4 Mounting Screws 13 in-lb
Module Weight(Typical) 50 Grams
Output Voltage VO 370 Volts
Isolation Voltage, AC 1 Minute, 60Hz Sinusoidal VRMS 2500 Volts
Supply Voltage(Applied between VD-GND) VD 20 Volts
Control Voltage(Applied between Vctrl-GND) Vctrl 0~VD
Supply Voltage Vi  255 VRMS
Collector-Emitter Voltage VCES 800 Volts
Input Current (100% Load, TC≤90°C, Vi=100~200, VO=300V Ii 20 ARMS

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