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6RI50E-080 Power diode module 6RI50E-080 6-Pack Diode 600/800V 50A; 6RI50E-080
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    IGBT Module

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    IGBT module

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6RI50E-080 Description

.All the terminals and the mounting plate are electrically isolated.These modules can be installed in the same cooling fin as other modules, thus saving installation space-a cost-effective feature.
.The diode chips are coated with a glass of zinc oxide, making them highly resistant to temperature and humidity variation.
.6 diode chips are connected to the 3-phase bridge retifying circuit inside the module-a cost-effiective feature.
.Inverters for AC Motors
.Power supply Units for DC motors
.DC Power Supply units for battery chargers
.General purpose DC power supply units
Maximum Ratings and Characteristics
.Absolute Maximum Ratings

Power diode module 6RI50E-080 6-Pack Diode 600/800V 50A

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