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Semikron SKKT273/16E IGBT Module

#Semikron, #SKKT273_16E, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, SKKT273/16E Semikron Semipack 3 Thyristor Modules power 1600V 9000A 273A~450A

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· Manufacturer: Semikron
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SKKT273/16E Specification

Sell SKKT273/16E, #Semikron #SKKT273/16E Stock, SKKT273/16E Semikron Semipack 3 Thyristor Modules power 1600V 9000A 273A~450A, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #SKKT273_16E


• Industrial standard package

• Electrically insulated base plate

• Heat transfer through aluminum oxide

ceramic insulated metal base plate

• Chip soldered on direct copper bonded Al2O3 ceramic

• Thyristor with center gate

Typical Applications*

DC motor control (e. g. for machine tools)

• Temperature control (e. g. for ovens, chemical processes)

• Professional light dimming (studios, theaters)

Maximum ratings and characteristics

.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)

Inverter Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1600V

Inverter Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V

Collector current Itsm Continuous Tc=25°C : 9000A

Inverter Collector current I2t Continuous Tc=25°C : 45000A

Brake Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM :1700V

Converter Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM :1600V

Isolation between terminal and copper base*2 Viso AC :1 minute VISO:3000V

Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C

Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C

Mounting screw torque 4.25~5.75 N·m

Weight Typical value 410g

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