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QM30TF-HB 6GTR: 30A600V; QM30TF-HB
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    IGBT Module

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    IGBT module

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QM30TF-HB Description

Weighing only 0.51 lbs., QM30TF-HB has the ability to deliver a collector current of 30 amperes and a collector emitter voltage of 600. It combines two bipolar transistors where the current of one is amplified by the other, hence, delivering more power output. Moreover, these two transistors also act as single chips that reduce size, thereby improving the efficiency rate.

QM30TF-HB has highly developed features that typical models cannot handle. It’s mounting base is isolated from the semiconductor elements to allow better current delivery. This device also has low saturation voltage and high DC current gain. With these features, the device guarantees both high efficiency and reliability.

QM30TF-HB  0.51 lbs


QM30TF-HB could be used in Inverters, Servo drives, DC motor controllers, NC equipment, Welders
6GTR: 30A600V

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