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SKM300GAL063D Igbt Module 600v 400a Semitrans 3;
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    IGBT Module

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not recommended for new design Features: NPT- Non punch-through IGBT Low tail current with low temperature dependence High short circuit capability, self limiting if term. G is clamped to E Pos. temp.-coeff. of V CEsat 50 % less turn off losses 30 % less short circuit current Very low C ies , C oes , C res Latch-up free Fast & soft inverse CAL diodes Isolated copper baseplate using DCB Direct Copper Bonding Technology without hard mould Large clearance (13 mm) and creepage distances (20 mm) Typical Applications: Switching (not for linear use) Switched mode power supplies AC inverter servo drives UPS uninterruptable power supplies Welding inverters  SKM300GAL063D 


Igbt Module 600v 400a Semitrans 3

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