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FUJI 2DI300A-050 New IGBT Module

# FUJI , #2DI300A_050, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, 2DI300A-050 300A/500V/GTR/2U; 2DI300A-050
  • Category: IGBT Module
  • Manufacturer: FUJI
  • Package Type: IGBT module
  • Date Code: 2016+
  • Available Qty: 253

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2DI300A-050 Description

Sell 2DI300A-050, # FUJI #2DI300A-050 New Stock, 2DI300A-050 300A/500V/GTR/2U; 2DI300A-050, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #2DI300A_050
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2DI300A-050 Description

Fuji is a company known for manufacturing a wide range of power modules. Not only power modules but all of their products are known as reliable and environmentally friendly. Their latest line of devices which includes 2DI300A-050, a bipolar transistor module that can be integrated to motor drives, servo drive amplifiers, UPS, welding machines, and robotics is considered as one of the company’s most significant contributions in the electronic industry.
Fuji’s IGBT modules are known as standouts. These power modules are hardwired with the most advanced and exclusive components. This ensures that any application integrated with Fuji’s modules is expected to become a superior and standout unit.
The design applied in manufacturing Fuji’s IGBT modules is well-innovated. It’s a fusion of a power MOSFET high-speed switching performance and a bipolar transistor’s high-voltage/high-current handling capacity.
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  2DI300A-050  5.34 lbs Target_Applications 2DI300A-050 could be used in General Purpose Inverter, Uninterruptible Power Supply Servo & Spindle Drive for NC Machine Tools Robotics (Servo Drive for Robots) Switching Power Supplies for Welding Machines Features High DC Current Gain High Speed Switching

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