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CM800DZ-34H 800A/1700V/IGBT/2U; CM800DZ-34H
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    IGBT Module

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    IGBT module

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CM800DZ-34H Description

CM800DZ-34H weighs only 2.20 lbs., and can produce a collector emitter voltage of 1700V and a collector current of 800A. As an insulated type of transistor module, it guarantees improved power isolation from adjacent devices. An amazing feature of CM800DZ-34H is it’s AlSiC baseplate. AlSiC baseplate can help the device to withstand numerous cycles without even experiencing delamination. It also has a powerful module construction. It doesn’t matter if you use its full power for the entire day. It will still remain intact and fully functional longer than the ordinary models.

CM800DZ-34H  2.20 lbs
Target_Applications CM800DZ-34H could be used in Traction drives, High Reliability Converters / Inverters, DC chopper Features IGBT POWER TRANSISTOR MODULE

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