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Sanrexpak PK160F-80 New IGBT Module

#Sanrexpak, #PK160F_80, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, Sanrexpak Thyristor IGBT Module 800V 250A
  • Category: IGBT Module
  • Manufacturer:Sanrexpak
  • Package Type: IGBT Module
  • Date Code: 2022+
  • Available Qty: 388
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PK160F-80 Description

Sell PK160F-80, #Sanrexpak #PK160F-80 New Stock, Sanrexpak Thyristor IGBT Module 800V 250A, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #PK160F_80
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Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK160F series are designed for various rectifier circuits and power controls. For your circuit application. following internal connections and wide voltage ratings up to 1,600V are available. Two elements in a package and electrically isolated mounting base make your mechanical design easy.
● IT(AV)160A, IT(RMS) 250A, ITSM 5500A
● di/dt 200 A/μs
● dv/dt 500V/μs
Various rectifiers
AC/DC motor drives
Heater controls
Light dimmers
Static switches
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 800V
IFGM Peak Gate Current 250A
Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current 500A
Isolation Breakdown Voltage (R.M.S.) A.C.1minute Viso 2500V
Operating Junction Temperature Tj -40 to +125 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 to +125 °C
Mounting Torque Mounting(M5)2.7 N.m

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