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PM15CSJ060 Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase 600V 15A Module; PM15CSJ060
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    IGBT Module

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    IGBT module

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PM15CSJ060 Description

This three phase IGBT inverter output module weighs 0.13 lbs. with a collector current amount of 15A and a collector emitter of 600V.

One of best things you can get from PM15CSJ060 is its unique built-in control circuits that allow the power module to create its own protection system. This defense system includes reliable shields against short circuit, over current, over temperature, under voltage, or any electrical malfunctions.

Other special features of PM15CSJ060 are its “Complete Output Power Circuit” and “Gate Drive Circuit,” which both serve as enhancement force in transcending the power and drive capacity of UPS. Indeed, these unique abilities have led PM15CSJ060 to become a standout intelligent power module these days.

PM15CSJ060 could be used in power switching, AC & DC motor controls, uninterruptible power supply
Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase 600V 15A Module

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