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6MBI100FA-060 100A/600V/IGBT/6U; 6MBI100FA-060
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    IGBT Module

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    IGBT module

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6MBI100FA-060 Description

6MBI100FA-060 IGBT Module has a collector current of 100 amperes, a collector emitter of 600 volts and a weight of 5.34 lbs. It features low saturation voltage, voltage drive and variety of power capacity series.

This IGBT module is mainly used for fast-switching applications. It has more responsive and functional components, resulting in adoption in a range of fields due to its energy-saving characteristics.

Target applications for this device include — motor drives, UPS and industrial machines such as welding machines. Those applications generally cover most electronic equipment, medium power DC supply and welding machines that require a variety of current loads. For motor drives alone, application of this module covers general purpose inverters, servo, air conditioning systems and elevators.

6MBI100FA-060 is another best in its category module. It embody Fuji’s quest for excellent premium product that continually showcased its technological superiority.

6MBI100FA-060  5.34 lbs


6MBI100FA-060 could be used in Inverter for Motor Drive AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier Uninterruptible Power Supply Industrial Machines, such as Welding Machines


Low Saturation Voltage Voltage Drive Variety of Power Capacity Series

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