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Mitsubishi CM150MXUD-24T IGBT Module

#Mitsubishi, #CM150MXUD_24T, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, High power switching use insulated type 150A , 1200V , 175°C

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· Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
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CM150MXUD-24T Specification

Sell CM150MXUD-24T, #Mitsubishi #CM150MXUD-24T Stock, High power switching use insulated type 150A , 1200V , 175°C, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #CM150MXUD_24T

Mitsubishi CM150MXUD-24T is a power module that is commonly used in high-power motor drives, power supplies, and welding equipment. CM150MXUD-24T designed to deliver high-performance and reliability with low power loss.

CM150MXUD-24T module has maximum current rating 150A & voltage rating 1200V. It features dual diode configuration, which allows for lower switching loss and better efficiency. CM150MXUD-24T has an integrated thermistor for temperature monitoring, which helps to protect the device from overheating.

Collector current IC .............…..................… 1 5 0 A

Collector-emitter voltage VCES .................. 1 2 0 0 V

Maximum junction temperature Tv j max ......... 1 7 5 °C

●dual switch (half-bridge)

●Nickel-plating tab terminals

●RoHS Directive compliant


AC Motor Control, Motion/Servo Control, Power supply, etc.

OPTION (Below options are available.)

●PC-TIM (Phase Change Thermal Interface Material) pre-apply (Note8)

Maximum ratings and characteristics

.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)

VCES Collector-emitter voltage G-E short-circuited 1200 V

VGES Gate-emitter voltage C-E short-circuited ± 20 V

IC Collector current DC, TC=145 °C* (Note2, 4) 150A

ICRM Pulse, Repetitive (Note3) 300 A

Pt ot Total power dissipation TC=25 °C (Note2, 4) 1610 W

Vi s o l Isolation voltage Terminals to base plate, RMS, f=60 Hz, AC 1 min 4000 V

Tv j m a x Maximum junction temperature Instantaneous event (overload) (Note8) 175 °C

T C m a x Maximum case temperature (Note4,8) 150°C

Tv j o p Operating junction temperature Continuous operation (under switching) (Note8) -40 ~ +150°C

Ts t g Storage temperature - -40 ~ +150°C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tv j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified)

ICES Collector-emitter cut-off current VCE=VCES, G-E short-circuited - - 1.0 mA

IGES Gate-emitter leakage current VGE=VGES, C-E short-circuited - - 0.5 μA

VGE(th) Gate-emitter threshold voltage IC=15 mA, VCE=10 V 5.4 ~ 6.6 V

t r r (Note1) Reverse recovery time VCC=600 V, IE=150 A, VGE=±15 V,  400 ns

Qr r (Note1) Reverse recovery charge RG=0 Ω, Inductive load - 15 - μC

Eon Turn-on switching energy per pulse VCC=600 V, IC=IE=150 A, 11.6 mJ

Eoff Turn-off switching energy per pulse VGE=±15 V, RG=0 Ω, Tv j=150 °C, 15.7

Err (Note1) Reverse recovery energy per pulse Inductive load 6.8 mJ

RCC'+EE' Internal lead resistance Main terminals-chip, per switch, TC=25 °C (Note4) 0.2 mΩ

r g Internal gate resistance Per switch 3.0 Ω


Mounting torque Main terminals M 5 screw 2.5 ~3.5 N·m

Mounting torque Mounting to heat sink M 6 screw 3.5 ~ 4.5 N·m

Creepage distance Terminal to terminal 18.4 mm

Creepage Terminal to base plate 21.1 mm

Clearance Terminal to terminal 9.6mm

Clearance Terminal to base plate 16.7 mm

Flatness of base plate On the centerline (Note7) ±0 ~+200 μm

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