Electrical engineering
Electrical circuit, a complete electrical network with a closed-loop giving a return path for current
Analog circuit, uses continuous signal levels
Balanced circuit, paths are impedance-matched
Circuit analysis, the process of finding the voltages across, and the currents through, every component in an electrical circuit
Circuit diagram, a graphical representation of an electrical circuit
Digital circuit, uses discrete signal levels
Electronic circuit, contains “active” (nonlinear) electronic components capable of performing amplification, computation, and data transfer
Asynchronous circuit, or self-timed circuit, a sequential digital logic circuit that is not governed by a clock circuit or global clock signal
Integrated circuit, a set of electronic circuits on a small “chip” of semiconductor material
Mixed-signal integrated circuit, contains both analog and digital signals
Synchronous circuit, a digital circuit in which the changes in the state of memory elements are synchronized by a clock signal
Printed circuit board, on which electronic components are supported and connected using copper tracks on a non-conductive substrate
Series and parallel circuits, two ways in which electrical components may be interconnected
Simple filters, including:
LC circuit or tank circuit, consisting of an inductance and a capacitance
RC circuit, comprises a resistance and a capacitance
RL circuit, comprises a resistance and an inductance
RLC circuit, comprises a resistance, an inductance, and a capacitance
Telecommunication circuit, on which information is transmitted
Nonlinear circuit, a circuit with nonlinear elements.

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