Small PLC
I/O points "256 points; single CPU, 8-bit or 16-bit processor, user memory capacity below 4K words; the main representative products are GE-I type from General Electric (GE) and TI100 from Texas Instruments F/F1/F2 of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, C20/C40 of Tateishi Corporation (Omron) of Japan, S7-200 of Siemens of Germany, EX20/EX40 of Toshiba of Japan, SR-20 of Sino-foreign joint venture Wuxi Huaguang Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. /21 etc.;
Medium PLC
I/O points 256~2048 points; dual CPU, user memory capacity 2~8K, representative products are S7-300 of German Siemens, SR-400 of Wuxi Huaguang, SU-5/SU-6 of German Siemens, C-500 of Tateishi Corporation of Japan, GE-Ⅲ of GE Corporation, etc.;

Large PLC
I/O points> 2048 points; multiple CPUs, 16-bit and 32-bit processors, user memory capacity 8~16K, representative products are S7-400 from Siemens, GE-IV from GE, C-2000 from Tateishi , Mitsubishi's K3, etc.
At present, there are many large and super large PLC products, and the single machine supports 300 loops and 65,000 point I/O equipment is also getting more and more attention. However, overall, the sales of PLCs with I/O points ≤ 64 accounted for 47% of the total PLC market, and PLCs with 64 to 256 points accounted for 31%. Micro and small PLCs occupy the absolute mainstream of the market, and I/O points are greater than 256. The cumulative market capacity of medium-sized, large-scale, and super-large PLCs is only 22%.
PLC is mainly used in textiles, machinery, elevators, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, municipal, chemical, building construction, building materials, machine tools, plastic machinery, rubber machinery, electronic special equipment and other industries, and the automotive industry is one of the most promising PLC industries One.
Among the more than 300 types of PLC products in the world, the most are used in automobiles, reaching 23%, followed by food processing (16.4%), chemical/pharmaceutical (14.6%), metal/mining (11.5%), pulp/paper making (11.3%) and other industries.
Among the major brands, a few companies such as Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell (AB), OMRON, Mitsubishi, and GE are absolute industry giants, among which Rockwell, Schneider, and Siemens have long held the top three in China’s large PLC market. Strong, Siemens dominates half of the medium-sized PLC market.
Among the 30 domestic PLC manufacturers, none of them has a large-scale production capacity and brand-name products. my country has not yet formed the industrialization of PLC manufacturing; however, it can already compete with international brands in the field of small and micro PLCs.

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