Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics Corporation (ルネサス エレクトロニクス株式会社 Runesasu Erekutoronikusu Kabushiki Gaisha) TYO: 6723 is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo. It has manufacturing, design and sales operations in around 20 countries. It was the world's largest auto semiconductor maker in 2014, and the world's largest maker of microcontrollers. It also makes mixed-signal integrated circuits and system on a chip.

Renesas Electronics' products include:
Microcontrollers/microprocessors (e.g. RL78, 78K, R8C, RX, V850, SuperH, R32C / M32C/ M16C, M32R, H8, RH850 etc. and their RZ family built on the ARM architecture)
System LSIs (System on a Chip e.g. R-Car)
Logic ICs
Analog ICs
Discrete devices (diodes, Power MOSFETs, thyristors and triacs, transistors)
Memory ICs (SRAM)


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